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October 23, 2008


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We see it all the time. Hollywood actors and actresses make a ton of money just many of them vote and campaign for Democratic candidates even though lower taxes (usually championed by republicans) would be in their best interest.

Now on the other end of the economic ladder we have a lot of people that may vote for candidates based on other issue other than money. They may vote based on a candidate’s view on guns, abortion, gay rights, etc.

The Democrats have done a great job running candidates in states like MS that are so conservative that you can’t tell the difference between them and republicans. They are pro 2nd amendment, pro-life, and tend to be somewhat fiscally conservative.



Thank you for the comment. I agree with some of what you posted, but I must point out a few things. First, "Joe the Plumber" raised economic interests in this campaign so it is reasonable to assume that are his issues. He also did not raise any other type issues like abortion, same sex marriage, energy policy, etc. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that he would vote for the candidate that is in his best economic interests, which he is not doing.

Second, you are correct that people vote based on interests other than economic matters, like the environment, foreign policy, energy policies, etc. Many entertainers seem to align with Democrats on those issues. And they also do not seem to mind paying a few extra bucks in taxes since they can afford it. They may feel that it may be better to pay a little more now and invest in our country than to let things get bad and have to pay more a few years from now.

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