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March 05, 2008


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Great article, Bart. You've hit the nail right on the head.

Alessandro Machi

The democratic presidential race has been oversimplified in favor of Obama. The caucus states allocate delegates with 88% less voters determining the allocation delegates as compared to the states that hold actual primaries.

In all states that held normal, primary style elections, Hillary Clinton leads Barrack Obama both in the delegate counts and is way ahead in the electoral college vote, if Michigan and Florida were counted, the leads just grow even larger.



You are definitely a true Clintonian. If you can not win by the rules then dismiss the results. Isn't that one of the usual Clinton "race to the bottom of the pond" political tactics? The bottom line is this: (1) Obama is leading in the delegate count that was established by the party where the Clintons had way more influence than Obama prior to this election cycle, (2)before the election Clinton agreed that Michigan and Florida would not count and only after she found herself behind in the delegate count did she change her tune and demand for them to count, and (3) Clinton only received 50% of the vote in Michigan where she had the complete support of the governor and she was the only person on the ballot. That does not sound like a state that is behind her. That sounds like the results of a default vote because people did not expect the results to count.

Clinton's primary problem with Obama is that she feels she is owed the Presidency. I think you, her, and the rest of her followers should get over it. Leave the gutter politics where it belongs, in the toliet, and show some dignity and class and make some honest arguments for a change.

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