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September 05, 2007


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Tom Frayne

Reading your blog on Education reminded me of a discussion we had at a meeting at work recently. Posted around the room were brief sayings of Theresa Perry, coauthor of "Young, Gifted and Black." We were asked to choose a saying that resonated with us and tell why. The one that struck me had something to do with how education should not be seen as a means to improving one's social class.

I realized that the reality is that we constantly tell out children and hope beyond hope that education will be a way "out" of their present world and into a "better" world.

And then what? If, in fact, it works! Are we done with education? Has it served its purpose, only to be set aside.

A love of learning would give our children so many rewarding moments in life and, it seems to me, help urban educators win half the "battle." But in a world filled with such inequity, it seems almost immoral to value education for its own sake.

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