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I am just the average brother with a lot on my mind.


I am a criminal defense attorney at Beals Law firm.

I was born the third of seven children to Alfred and Mary on the Southside of Chicago. After the passing of my father, my mother struggled to take care of seven children alone. Growing up in a single parent household I learned many lessons. Some of the lessons were good habits and some of the lessons were bad habits. One of the good lessons learned from my parents was to aspire to do something in life.

I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology. After graduation from college I spent a couple of years in sales, but two events opened my eyes.

The first event was my arrest on 69th Street for allegedly stealing an El ride even though I showed the police officers my monthly riding pass. (The charges were eventually dismissed) I sought redress through administrative, politically, and judicial processes to no avail. That was the day that my on and off desire to go to law school crystallized into a need.

The second event was a chance encounter with the only African American faith based community organizer in the city of Chicago. He eventually arranged for me to become a community organizer which challenged all of my preconceived notions about how to build, use, and maintain power for positive change in society.

I have since graduated from Howard Law School and become a licensed attorney in two jurisdictions. And I have never forgotten the lessons that I learned as an organizer and that drove me to go to law school. I am also still learning new lessons everyday.

I volunteered for organizations such as the NAACP, Urban League, The Task Force, and other non-profit organizations in an effort to help promote change for the better. And I still go to Rainbow Push on Mondays to volunteer. I have also written several articles about various topics from public education reform to affirmative action.


history, good conversation about important topics of the day, movies, sports